5 Easy Makeup Tricks That Will Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Every woman wants to have beautiful and full lips but Mother Nature wasn’t so generous to all of us. There are many different treatments and surgeries which can make your lips bigger and fuller, but most of us aren’t brave enough to undergo them or we simply can’t afford them.
There is no need to worry because makeup artists have a solution. Here are some awesome makeup tricks that can make your lips look fuller:

There are many different tricks with highlighter which can make your lips fuller. One of them is to use it to highlight your Cupid’s bow. By emphasizing the contours, your lips appear fuller than they really are. After highlighting Cupid’s bow, you should apply your lipstick the way you usually do and then apply a little bit of highlighter to the center of your lower lip, which will give your lips additional volume.

You can make your lips look fuller by using black lip liner with red lipstick. It is a very simple thing to do: first outline your lips with a lip liner and then apply your lipstick, after that take a black lip liner and apply it on the corners of your lips, blend it a little bit and see for yourself how your lips instantly look bigger and fuller.

White lip pencil is another thing which can make your lips look fuller. Apply it to the center of your lips and then fill the corners of your lips with a darker lip pencil. Blend it well and then apply a lip gloss. White lip pencil will make your lips brighter and give them additional volume.

When choosing a lip gloss, the best thing would be to opt for the one with cinnamon or spearmint. These ingredients can naturally enhance your circulation and plump your lips. It won’t last forever, but for at least an hour or two, your lips will look like Angelina Jolie’s.

For visually bigger and fuller lips, a darker neutral powder can help you, too. After you put your lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss etc., the final step is to apply a little bit of dark neutral powder beneath your bottom lip line. Use a concealer brush, be very precise and make sure you don’t apply too much of dark powder because it will be too obvious. The point is to add a shadow below your lips and make them look plumper and bigger.

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