Finally a breakthrough – discovery of the causes of the baldness

Male baldness affects about 8 out of 10 (mostly) men under the age of 70 years. The follicle is reduced and produces microscopic hairs, which grow and shorter than normal hair. The good news is that scientists have identified a molecule that inhibits the growth of hair in the follicle.

US scientists found exceptional amount of lipid, called prostaglandin D2 on the scalp of men who lack hair.

This discovery could lead to new treatment of hair loss in men. in both humans and animals, the researchers have found that a prostaglandin known as PGD2 and its derivative, 15-dPGJ2, have to do with the appearance of baldness. Preventing the growth associated with PGD 2 occurred through a receptor GPR44.

The researchers have concluded that the level of PGD2 is three times bigger on bald scalp.

The discovery will not be of significant help to the men who are already bald. However, if treatment is based on the present disclosure is approved; it could help those at risk of baldness.

Is this the cure?

Although those who have lost their hair natural may think that they have heard a million times heard about miracle cures for hair loss now it seems that there really is a new way to solve this problem.

Scientists believe they have found a fast-acting drug that is effective to treat baldness. Laboratory tests on chemicals called “Astressin-B” show a stunning hair growth after taking the drug and for only five days.

It should be noted that this drug discovered by accident when researchers have tried to discover whether the same name drug applied to abdominal problems caused by stress.

Trial tests are now done only in mice, and to see whether the same effect on people.

Treatments that help people around the world could be available in about five years.