The release of Windows 10 Technical Preview for smartphone

Microsoft has released the first Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. This build can be downloaded and installed on one of only six phones that are supported at the time. Latest Windows 10 preview does not include everything that Microsoft demonstrated on 21 January, but brings a lot of novelties.

Microsoft has promised that more devices will be supported in the future, but for now Preview is available for Lumia 630, Lumia 635, Lumia 636, Lumia 638, Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 models. The software giant says that this the early stage of the preview, which means that many things might not work from the start, or there will be certain problems during the operation of the technical preview.

Of course, bugs are expected, and Microsoft has listed the long list of issues that are known. The user experience is also not polished. The reason why Microsoft now publishes preview, is to collect users’ feedback and shape the final version of Windows 10 platform phones before it officially tries operating.

Build comes with Cortana on the desktop, a new Start menu and user interface, universal and updated applications such as Settings, Photos and Maps, the possibility of connection to wireless audio and video, Windows Store Beta, Xbox apps and more.

Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones comes with a small set of functions, which will be part of the final version. There is a background image, full-size, for the Start screen, more rapid action in the Action Center and interactive notifications. Speech-to-text option operating system is significantly improved, and there is a more powerful Photos application. For now, Cortana is limited only to the US and will work only in English, but Microsoft promises to in the final version of a virtual assistant to be more capable than ever. In the future we expect Office to build universal application, as well as the new Mail and Calendar applications and Skype integrated directly in Messaging.

Microsoft says that Windows 10 is still in development, and that the company tries to bring different functions announced Windows users Insider service as soon as possible. The company also promised that in the coming builds they will “perk” the operating system and improve his quality and stability.