Grow a pineapple in your home

It might sound impossible, but you too can grow pineapple as a house plant, and you need for that is a tip of the fresh fruit. To plant a pineapple, you do not need a special seed, it takes just plain pineapple you bought in a store.

Tear off the green tops in the way that you simply turn that tip by hand with at least 25 mm of fruit. The goal is to tear only green leaves with a little meat on top.

Then put just the tip of the pineapple in a glass of water Make sure to place the glass with pineapple on a place that has enough sunlight and wait for the appearance of germs, which should take several weeks. If necessary, remove the layer of green leaves at the bottom of the cut pineapple “seed”. The plant must be in a light, warm place at a temperature of about 23 ° C.

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Transplant this pineapple in the pot of 125 mm and, if necessary, support with sticks. Room temperature should not be lower than 18 ° C. regularly spray your pineapple with water, but make sure the soil is not too wet. As the plant develops, make sure to water it regularly and add complementary feeding once in a while.

You should know that it may be years when you pluck their first fruit that will not be anywhere near the size of what you buy in the store, but by then you will have a beautiful ornamental plant at home.

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