Check your engine

, Check your engine

Certainly a smart idea is to check the engine oil level before every long trip because the lack of oil leads to damage of the vital parts of the engine. It is better safe than sorry. Bear in mind that reparation of damaged engine is very expensive, and often it has to be completely replaced.

Not so long ago, the oil checking was regularly practiced and was considered to be the basic skills of each driver. Today we rely on signal lights and often do not check the oil level, at least not as often as before.

Ignition of oil pressure warning light means that the engine oil pressure is below the permissible limit, and that the vehicle should be excluded from the traffic and the engine should be stopped. Immediately afterwards, check the oil level and if the level is correct, but the indicator is still turned on, let the professional determine the cause of warning light ignition. Prior to determining the reasons of the warning light ignition, it is not advisable to keep your engine running, especially if the engine is running unusually loud.

Newer cars may be equipped with a light bulb and the oil level in the engine whose function is to detecting if the level of engine oil is on the minimum. If the bulb turns on, the driver must check the engine oil level and add oil as needed.

Message on the insufficient oil level can be written at the vehicles info display and, if necessary, can inform the driver about excessive heat engine oil which is also a reason to stop the vehicle and check thoroughly.

So, each time you plan on going to a long travel, check the oil level in the car and when the ignition is switched on, before starting the engine, check to see if the oil pressure light is working properly. If the light does not turn on when you turned on the ignition, means that the control system is defective. That does not necessarily mean that the oil pressure is defective, but you will not get the correct (or any) information about the engine oil.

Of course, the malfunction of control system is possible even during the drive, and even after we have verified its accuracy.

However, the loss of the engine oil can be identified in other ways. The first and most important sign is the throbbing engine. Timely switching off the engine it is possible to prevent large and expensive damage to the engine.

, Check your engine
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, Check your engine
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