Gym exercises that are futile torture

If you are very busy, and your daily tasks are accumulating daily, the time you spend in the gym you want to make as productive as possible, and certainly you do not want to waste time on useless exercises that do not give any effect. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about which gym uselessly spend. In order to spend effectively your gym time, you should avoid spending time on work outs that have little or no effect.

The lateral resistance of the lifting legs and push-ups on the elbows

These basic exercises are certainly beneficial for beginners; in fact, these exercises help strengthen the muscles and improve overall stability. But because these are static exercises in which you retain one pose, once you reach a certain level, they no longer give any effect.

If at the lateral resistance to raising the legs and push-ups on the elbows can keep 30 to 60 seconds, it is time to start practicing a new exercise – try with sets of push-ups, or a combination of several different resistances.

Traditional abs

While most people consider that a hundred of sit-ups a day to give straight and form belly, it is far from the truth. Abs are targeting only a small group of muscles, and can also cause excessive pressure in the back and neck. Do consider the introduction of new exercises with the ball, instead of standard abs. In fact, exercises with ball offer several variations and trigger more muscle.

The bench press

Although the lifting on the bench is practiced in almost every gym, it is overpriced mainly due to the fact that many beginners ‘bite’ to it because it strengthens the chest and arms, considering that this exercise quite enough. General guidelines recommended that you should not spend more than 20 percent of the time to exercise and lifting the exercises in the supine position. In other words, 80 percent of the bench lifting should be derived from other angles, such as the one implemented incline. Furthermore, at least 50 percent of the bench lifting should be performed with dumbbells. Basically, bench lifting should not be the main focus, besides, too much exercise in a horizontal position can cause back pain.

Knees raising

Lifting your knees from a seated position is weak physical exercise that can be replaced with more effective exercises. As most weights lifting devices, lifting the knees is done in a sitting position and targets only one muscle group, in this case, the quadriceps and the impact is not transferred to other groups of muscles. In addition, this exercise does not include core and stabilizing muscles, therefore you miss the opportunity to activate the entire body. Instead, practice fast walking on the bar or front squats.