How to organize your closet

, How to organize your closet

It is important to have an organized closet because it helps you find appropriate clothes you need quickly and much simpler. We bring you several advices that can help you in organizing your closet.

Organize your clothes by type

Arrange shirts with shirts, socks with socks, pants with pants and so on. In this way, you can more easily manage to find appropriate clothing for a specific situation and help you put together your perfect clothes combination.

Remove clothes that are not using

Make sure to remove the clothes that you are not using for that season. Remove winter clothes in the spring, remove and then transfer the clothes so they don’t take precious place in your closet, and place them at the place they not bother you. It is not a bad idea to wash all the winter clothes and make them clean for the next season. This way you will get more space in the closet and it will be easier to organize.

Sort clothes by color

If in one pile you have all the white shirts and the other all black clothes, it will be to make a particular outfit that you wish. In addition, it will not happen that when shopping again buy a black dress, even though you already have 5 pieces of them. It is not a bad idea to refresh wardrobe with a new color, a pattern or design.

Different types of hanger

Ok, for some clothes you need huge hangers, but when it comes to smaller pieces of clothes, the big ones just take up the place and make a vast closet. Get proper hangers for a certain type of clothing, as well as hangers for skirts and pants.

Remove the clothes that you do not wear

You probably have seasonal clothing that you serve as a substitute, is worn or you simply have too expensive items that you do not wear them often. Look for a special place in the closet for clothes like that and place it there. This is another way that will improve the visibility of the closet, and you’ll immediately know where are located clothing that you need for every occasion.

Change height of shelves

If the shelves are spaced apart more than necessary and therefore create a lot of unused space, place them closer together. If the policyholder cannot move, you can double their accommodation capacity by using boxes and baskets and dividing the shelves in 2 units.

Use the door site

Place additional hooks, hangers and bars at the doors of the closet in order to get the space in which you are never counted. Here you can keep pajamas and dressing gowns, clothing you prepared for the next day, jackets, caps, etc.

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