Her royalty: water (why is drinking water so important)

, Her royalty: water (why is drinking water so important)

Indeed we have to agree with physiologist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi that water is the most extraordinary substance. Water seems to have irreplaceable effect on all living things, and it is no wonder we benefit from water so much. There are various reasons why taking water is so important for human organism. We present you just a few basic reasons.

It moves your body:

While your brain may respond to caffeine in the morning, water helps the rest of your body get started with daily activities. It starts by helping to relieve dry mouth and continues to work the magic of motion throughout your system.

Helps you avoid constipation:

Something as simple as water has a major role in preventing eventual constipation. Not only does the liquid food processing, but helps emptying the bowels from excessive material.

Assists in absorption of nutrients:

Water helps the body transport and absorbs the nutrients from the food we eat. Water moves the nutrients through our cells and ensures their availability whenever and wherever we need them.

Speeds the medicine processing:

The best recommendation you can get while taking any eventual medicines is to drink plenty of water with the medicine, the reason for that is because the water helps speeding the action of the medicine and water seems to focus the drugs on the place in which is meant to focus.

Moisturizes the skin:

Water is the most important element for cellular integrity. Water keeps your skin beautiful from inside, and that is definitely the right place to make a long term impact.

Flushes your system:

Our kidney system is unique in its filtering capabilities and his work is entirely dependent on water. Daily fluid intake is essential to efficient kidney operation, particularly because with age comes certain decrease in function.

Helps avoiding muscle cramps:

Athletes have recognized that even a mild dehydration can cause muscle spasms.

Prevents the kidney stones:

The fact is that the people that neither do nor urinate as often tend to have more problems with kidney stones.  The sufficient intake of water helps you keep your kidneys clean and empties them regularly.

Avoid Dehydration:

An alarming number of hospitalizations of older persons include dehydration as part of the diagnosis. This can be avoided by controlling the intake of liquid. Even a mild dehydration can trigger mental or physiological anomalies.

Feeling good:

In addition to being essential to digestion, nutrient absorption, and waste removal, water plays a major role in regulating body temperature and in maintaining electrolyte balance. New studies have shown a possible correlation between low fluid intake and bladder, colon, breast, prostate, kidney and testis carcinomas.

, Her royalty: water (why is drinking water so important)
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, Her royalty: water (why is drinking water so important)
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