How to stop biting your nails

This is very bad unhealthy habit that spoils the appearance of your hands. People often we are not aware while biting their nails but once you feel the pain, you realize that your nails are gone and the little of what has left of them looks as if the mouse chewed them. This habit is very hard to overcome. Many women, even those who are highly devoted to their bodies, have problems with biting nails. Most women try to hide this bad habit. Some went so far that they were badly in need of serious medical help to solve these habits. However, there are some specific steps you can take to stop this very ugly and extremely unhygienic habit. We have prepared some tips in the hope that it will help to get rid of these habits, and make your nails look beautiful.

  • Some of the main reasons for fingernail biting are stress, boredom, nervousness, excitement. To avoid biting nails, make sure to always keep nuts or dried fruits by your hand. This way you can focus on biting healthy snacks instead of your nails.
  • Always hold near you rasp, so when you feel the need or see the need to bite the nail, use the rasp instead of your teeth. You will surely appear more sophisticated with rasp in a hand, than with fingers in your mouth.
  • Take a few minutes of your day planning and caring about your nails, whether it is applying cream, nail polishing, and even doing a massage, your nails will surely be grateful. If you take some effort for a nicer appearance of your nails, after you will be sorry to destroy them.
  • If stress is causing you bite your nails, try to solve it in another way, whether it be on the ball for dealing with stress, or something else. When you feel tempted, instead of biting your nails, try some other way to reduce stress.
  • If you are still biting your nails, try using liquids that you apply directly on the nails. The bitter taste of the liquid will kill the urge to bite your nails.