How to arrange your bedroom – your private oasis

, How to arrange your bedroom – your private oasis

We are pretty sure that you all are aware of the importance of the sleeping room. Some even consider it to be the most important room of the housing. Bedroom is a place where the day begins and ends. Messy bedroom can definitely spoil the day and sleep, while a neat bedroom creates comfort and eases your mind. It is important that you feel good in your home as though it is for each family an oasis in which they can seek shelter after a busy day, the bedroom should be kept very neat and simple.


When it comes to bedroom furniture, it is always best option to have as little furniture that can be easily maintained. Furniture can be multifunctional, so work desk can also serve as a nightstand, and similar.

Move the work desk in the dressing room, if you have place or remove it completely. In the dressing room, install drawers, shelves and sliding boxes. The best thing would be to cover all with the fabric that will soften the overall impression and will cover the dust.


Tidiness of the whole room depends from the neatness of the beds, and if the bed is not made up, the whole room looks messy. Edit the bed as simple as possible in order to make it easier and faster tiding up.

Let the bed quilt be as thick for as it is thicker quilt you will have less hassle with bedding underneath. Quilt is susceptible to soiling, so it is best that the quilt a pattern that will cover the dirt. Sheets should have a high density of the fibers so they will last longer.


Place at least one chair in the bedroom, for if you often sit on the edge of the mattress, your weight will eventually damage the boundary wire that connects the springs. The mattress should be turned over at least twice a year, as this will prevent the formation of lumps.

When you buy a new mattress, do not immediately move the label, so you can complain if the mattress catches you while you still have a guarantee on it. Clean the stains on the mattress with clean and soapy water, for chemicals destroy capping mattresses, and too much liquid will destroy filling of the mattress.


Rather than cluttering the bedsides of tables with various lamps, it is better option to set the adjustable lamp on the ceiling. Consider halogen lighting, for it has strong beams that allow reading, and without bothering sleeping partner.


In the case you have eventual cracks on the wall; you can camouflage them with for example, clouds or stars. The ceiling in the bedroom is more important than the other ceilings in the house.

, How to arrange your bedroom – your private oasis
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, How to arrange your bedroom – your private oasis
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