How to attach a screen protector on your phone

Smart phone screens are in the most cases resistant to mild scratches, but in order to completely protect them from eventual damage, it is advisable to attach a dedicated foil on it, so called, screen protector. Attaching the foil is not as easy as it sounds. The following steps will show you how to apply the screen protector in the simplest with much efficient way.

Make sure to emphasize which smartphone model you are covering in order to buy the appropriate screen protector.

The big problem of sticking the screen protector present even the smallest particles of dust that might land on the surface of your monitor. The best way to avoid eventual particles of dust is to do this process in a pre-steemed room. The steam will collect all the dust and land them, so the steam acts as you ally. It would be ideall to let the steam act for some 10 minutes before you start the adhering the screen protector process.

While placing the screen protector make sure to place the phone on flat and stabile surface.

Wipe thoroughly the screen to remove the dust and impurities from it.  You can use the LCD cleaning solution and a micro-fiber cloth.

Peel the part of the screen protector labeled with the number 1, and carefully place it with lower part on the bottom part of the screen. Make sure to have a steady hand. Use your finger and slowly press the protecting film from the bottom part upwards.

This will help you to remove eventual air gaps that you surely want to avoid. But if you still notice the small air gaps while sticking your screen protector, use a plastic card or some similar item to squeeze the air out.  We advice you not to rush this adhering process.

Peel of the part of the screen protector labeled with number 2.