The importance of the car tires

, The importance of the car tires

It is very important that you have on your vehicle high quality, well-maintained tires because they must be able to receive all the forces acting on them – when braking, accelerating or turning.

People often do not give importance to tires, but the fact is that they belong to the most important parts of the cars, because they are the only part of the car that has contact with the ground on which we ride.

In order to have an insight into the condition of your tires, it is best to thoroughly review them once in two or three weeks. Review should consist of checking tire pressure (including the spare tire) and visual viewing. If you notice some bumps, cuts or lack of pieces of tire, be sure to go to a specialized service for tires. Tire pressure plays a key role in the life cycle and performance of tires. The pressures in the tires are determined individually for each vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer.  You can find the recommended tire pressures by the manufacturer of your vehicle on the tank lid, the door of the car, under the hood or in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

Slow driving, without sudden the breaking, accelerating and sudden turns certainly keeps the tires longer. With aggressive driving you will not only damage to the tires, but you will have higher fuel consumption. When you encounter an obstacle while driving, weather in the form of sharp curves or speed bump, adjust the speed and hover over obstacles as gently as possible. Also, try to avoid the holes on the road and do avoid aggressive and too fast driving.

There are a certain rules that prescribe the load capacity for each tire. If you want to prolongation your tires, follow the rules and do not place too much burden on the tires. The amount of weight that a tire has capacity to carry is called load index.

Tire rotation is one way to extend the life of tires. Tires spend differently on different axes, so their rotation is recommended on every 5,000-10,000 of passed kilometers. After changing the position of tires, make sure you check your tire pressure.

It is very important to check the tread pattern on the tires. Not only you might have police punishing you because of worn-out tires, you might be having problems while driving. Markings on the tires serve to adhere to the ground on which it runs and to provide better breaking capacity, and so their depth is very important. Tread depth varies according to whether the tire is intended, and it differs by summer or winter seasons.