How to avoid motion sickness

, How to avoid motion sickness

Motion sickness is actually quite natural reaction of the body to the movement. It occurs when multiple sensory systems of the body in different ways the movement. For example, when we are located inside any moving object, the center of gravity grasps the movement, while the sense of sight sends a message of quiet sitting. This creates a conflict, which causes unpleasant symptoms.

Symptoms of motion sickness include dizziness, weakness, cold sweat, paleness, headache, nausea and vomiting. Motion sickness or known as Kinetosis commonly occurs during car trips, plane, on roundabouts and sailing activities.

Watching the moving objects can also cause nausea – for example, in theaters and virtual simulations.

Prepare the car

To make a long journey passed pleasantly and without nausea, attention should be paid to the car. Keep in mind that a car should be airy and clean, and is preferred by the air condition which however should not be exaggerated. Do not go overboard with the car smells. If you travel with children, make sure they sit in the seat. If you notice that a child is nervous and he could no longer sit still, be sure to stop, take a walk and breathe fresh air.


Find the acupuncture points and help the youngest with nausea. Another solution is acupressure bracelet, but it is necessary to choose the appropriate size of the bracelet and is properly set up on the acupuncture point. Specialists warn that children point should be determined by the child’s fingers, not to yours.


To calm the stomach, make sure to drink enough liquid. Especially useful is salty and warm clear soup. It is good for the stomach, and the salt is particularly useful for restoring electrolytes after vomiting. Do not consume citrus drinks, because citric acid even more irritating to the stomach. Avoid carbonated drinks, because they irritate the stomach and can cause bloating, recovery of acid and heartburn.

Drink tea because it has a soothing effect.

The best herbs for the nausea are

  • mint
  • camomile
  • lavender
  • rose
  • sage


In case of vomiting helps

  • absinthe
  • thistle
  • camomile
  • balm
  • plum
  • sloe


Avoid oily and spicy foods and heavy meals. A light meal before the travel will help you avoid nausea and easier to submit drive.

Experts say that starvation destabilizes the electrical signals in the stomach which makes you more susceptible to nausea and vomiting. Snack on crackers because this easily digestible snack helps against nausea. During the trip can help against nausea and candies or lozenges peppermint.

Ginger has turned to be most efficient ingredient when it comes to soothing nausea generally.

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