Take care of your plants- while you are away

, Take care of your plants- while you are away

If you have lots of household plants, the chances are you worry about how your plants will survive every time you go on a trip. , It is not good that they imbibe too, and it’s not good to leave them to dry. Therefore, we present you a few tips that can help you keep your plants. For starters it is important that a few hours before departure, you generously pour your flowers. Make sure that your plants have enough daylight, and make sure to arrange them together.

When you have all the pots with plants arrange next to each other, arrange a bucketful of water between the flower pots. Make a spiral of thick cotton strips. The ends of cotton tape shove into the ground and a jar of each plant.

The container with water, which is located between the jar of flowers, should be slightly higher than the jars, because of water flow per strip. In this way, the water will pass by cotton strips to the plants, and dampen the ground in the jars.

Another simple trick you can do is to place all the pots with flowers in a bathtub, in which you previously place a well soaked with water sheet. This will certainly keep your flowers alive and well for certain period. Of course the plants should be in plastic pots, which have holes in the bottom, so that they can absorb moisture from the sheets. Do not leave the plants in the bathroom, unless there is no natural light.

The third way in which you can preserve your plants while you are away is that in a plant soil insert an upside-down plastic bottle, filled with water. Before you shove a bottle in the soil, drill a few small holes the reservoir bottle. In this way, the bottle will water the plants. A hydrogel is also an excellent solution for plants on the road, as it will regulate the moisture in the soil. Also, another practical trick you can use is baby diapers; with a little help of our article.

After returning from the road, your plants will need additional care, therefore, provide it by removing withered branches and leaves, pour if completely dry and place additional vitamins for plants in the soil.

If you have plants with thick leaves such as agave, a cactus or aloe, or similar plants that do not need to be watered for at least three weeks, and if you have an apartment full of plants, it is best to install them in a system for watering the flowers, the flowers that will pour drop by drop.

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