How to avoid road rage

How to avoid road rage

Road rage is explosive disorder, defined as violent behavior exhibited by drivers in traffic. It is a very aggressive driving style and often causes accidents. Forms of road rage involving aggressive acceleration, cutting others off, weaving in and out of traffic, flashing lights and excessively horning the siren, rude hand gestures, shouting obscenities at other drivers and throwing objects at other vehicles.

If you often find yourself in expressing any of the forms of road rage, here are some of the activities that you can use to control your rage.

Listen to music or audio books

Listen to soothing music to reduce the stress while driving. Classical music can have a calming effect on individuals, and can help the drivers focus and relax. Listening country ballads and music of calm tone can also provide a soothing effect. Some drivers can also choose to listen to their favorite audio books while driving.

Turn off your anger

Instead of getting angry at other drivers, try to feel empathy towards them.  Imagine that they are new drivers that are just learning how to drive, or the older. Imagining the other drivers in this way can reduce the feeling of anger, and deal with issues that arise in traffic.

Reduce the stress

Giving yourself sufficient time for the trip will help reduce stress while driving. Make sure you are comfortable while driving by adjusting seat to the correct position and set the air conditioning to just right temperature. Listening to traffic reports will also help to reduce stress, as these reports describe in detail areas to avoid, such as construction zones and accidents.

Do not take it personally

Remember that no one can control the entire traffic. Instead of getting angry at other drivers and responding in negative or potentially dangerous manner, try to be polite and courteous. Do not let the actions of others run your anger. Report any dangerous driving to the appropriate police station