How to block a person on Facebook

Currently, Facebook is one of the most famous brands in the world and, since it has over 1.230,000,000 active users, one of the most influential. Among those 1.230,000,000 users there certainly are few of those users whose notifications or news feed you do not want to see, or someone is harassing you, and you simply want to block that person. Since Facebook has that option, if you follow these instructions, you will easily block that person.

  1. On the top of your Facebook page, you will see the sign. sign-facebook
  2. Click on that sign and you will see a dropdown menu. On the bottom of that menu you will see the option “How do I block someone from bothering me?”
  3. Once you click that option, you will see the part in which you can insert the name of the Facebook user you want to block. Insert the name, and click option “block”.

When you block a person, you are automatically excluding that person from your friends list, and therefore, preventing any Facebook conversation with that person and preventing that person’s insight to your wall or any of your publications.

If you want to completely remove the person, you will not have any insight into the profile of the person, he/she will no longer be able to see your profile, and will no longer appear in the list of your friends. The blocked person will not see your posts on the wall or messages that you send to your friends, nor will you be able to see messages from people that you have just permanently removed from your profile.

To re-establish contact with the same person, you will need to send a friend request, just as you do when you first add friends to join you.