How to properly shave your beard

, How to properly shave your beard

Shaving is a process that no men can avoid, in order to stay clean and look professional. Every day is a must for business people who want to be taken seriously. Even though it is exhausting process that can often be painful, still shaving is inevitable. Since it is a very common occurrence, here are some tips that can make morning shaving much more pleasant.

Prepare yourself

Before shaving, wash thoroughly your face. This can prevent eventual infections. If you do shave every day, every now and then prepare yourself a facial peeling.

Soften your skin

Dip the towel or a cloth into lukewarm water and hold the cloth on your face for minimum 30 seconds. This can additionally open up your facial pores and soften the facial hair, making the process much simpler.

Apply the shaving cream

Apply the shaving cream with circular motions equally on your beard and neck.

Shaving off your face

For the upper part of the beard, make long and equal razor moves starting from the top of the beard all the way to your chin.

Shaving the beard and neck

In order to pain free remove the excessive facial hair from your beard and neck, start shaving from the bottom of the neck upwards. Make sure to shaving the hair in the same direction it grows, in order to prevent the ingrown hairs.

Shaving off

In order to shave off your beard, you will need to tighten your skin just enough to shave all the uneven parts.

Shaving the upper lip

In order to shave your upper lip, stretch the upper lip in the way that you pull the lip to the inside of your mouth, covering the teeth, and pull the razor from your nose downwards.

Wash off the razor

Wash off the razor every time you finish your shaving. In this way, you can make next shaving much more pleasant, for the razor will maintain as sharp as it is supposed to be.

Finishing touches

There certainly have to be few spots you have missed while shaving. In order to make your beard flawless, wash your face and look thoroughly for these spots. If you notice them, use the razor and remove them.


After the shaving and finishing touches, once you made it sure that your beard is indeed hair free, apply hydrating cream or mild, alcohol-free aftershave

, How to properly shave your beard
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, How to properly shave your beard
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