How to build your business – social capital?

, How to build your business – social capital?

Social capital leads to higher wages, faster promotions, better jobs, breakthrough ideas, new business opportunities and profitable companies. How to build your business and social capital in four steps:

1. Call your clients personally

Learn how finished project in which you participated and is he satisfied. Ask him if you can be of further assistance in his job. Important: do not seek a recommendation at this time.

2. Personally call people who helped you or they recommend you to another people

Ask them how it goes, how they are. On what projects are doing now and if they need any help, so they can recommend someone or to recommend them for a project that is currently dealing with.

3. Make a list of 50 people with whom you want to stay in touch this year.

Include anyone who referred you or gave you a job in the last year, as well as those with whom you are connected recently. Send them postcards from your vacation!

4. Two weeks after sending them postcards, call them and ask how they are

If they are former clients or people with whom you have worked, now is the right time to ask them for a recommendation. If possible, you may be able to arrange a meeting or coffee and find out whether in some of their new plans or projects them you can help with your services. If not, you’ll recommend a person who can help them.

You will see how easy it is.

After a few weeks, you’ll have more than enough human capital that will work the rest of year. Human capital is an international currency business relationships. If you invest in human capital, such as investing in financial capital, you will realize that the benefits and opportunities arising from this investment are multiple payments, as in the recommendations, new jobs, as in money.

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, How to build your business – social capital?
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