How to clean hands from unpleasent smell?

Clean hands

After cleaning the fish, there long stays on the hands an unpleasant smell. If you have at hand a slice of lemon, immediately after cleaning the fish rub hands, and then with a damp salt. Lemon juice and salt will irritate the skin so you will need to wash and clean hands. The smell of fish from the skin of the hand, you can remove with the sediment of black coffee. With it (while is still moist) rub your hands, then rinse them. And apple shampoo for hair washing, can remove the smell of fish from your hands.

The smell of onions and garlic on your hands is also very uncomfortable. The smell of garlic will remove so that the hand rub parsley leaves and the smell of onions if you rub the celery or coffee residue. If you cleaned a large amount of ports, these funds do not help in removing unpleasant odor, so wash and clean hands with ammonia, and then with lemon juice.

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Stains of nuts

walnuts cleaning is long and dirty job, because the hands always remain dark spots. Remove them if you rub your hands with vinegar, rinse them and feed your skin nourishing cream kind.

Lodine stains

easy to remove if you wash your handsd with a mild solution of ammonia in water.

Stains of cement

cement stained hands immediately lubricate the mixture of oil and sugar, rub them well, then rinse.

Color stains

Try to rub your hands with cottage cheese. This is effective only if the color on your hands is fresh.

Stains of varnish

paint on the hands will easily remove if you rub each piece of cotton wool soaked in olive oil, and then wash your hands with warm water and soap. You also have the option with Nitrodiluent, which is very effective, although it is difficult to get rid of its unpleasant odor.

Stains from nicotine

If you have a yellow smokers fingers from time to time rub with a cotton swab soaked in lemon juice in which you drip a little liquid detergent. After cleaning stains of nicotine, rinse well your hands, and feed with the skin cream.

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