How to burn more calories in less time

, How to burn more calories in less time

We all know that for the weight loss is crucial spending more calories than we bring in throughout the day. However, in today’s modernized world, we seem to be less physically active and eating more and becoming fatter. The weight loss can be much easier and faster by speeding up the metabolism and avoiding the consumption of a large number of calories. Here are some exercises that must be performed in order to encourage a faster metabolism in calorie consumption:

Muscle mass

Increasing the muscle mass is one of the best ways to faster calorie consumption. Your body needs 6 calories to maintain 0.45 kg muscle. So the more muscle you have, the more calories you lose.

Interval training

If your goal is to decrease body fat and/or you are aiming for body shaping, it is crucial to change the intensity of exercise. Changes in the intensity of exercises stimulate your body to spend more calories and improve the entire cardiovascular system. If you wonder how you can do this, it is simple, for example, after every five to six minutes of walk, add a minute of running. Than keep adding up intervals to your training, and let’s say, after every five to six minutes of easy running, insert a minute intensive running.

Eat smaller meals

Eat five to six small meals a day, rather than having a big and caloric meal. These meals should be smaller, every three to four hours, but nutritionally well balanced. In this way, your metabolism will work faster and more efficiently stimulate the body to burn smaller amounts of calories in reasonable amount of time.

Drink green tea

Green tea is proven to contain compounds that seem to speed up metabolism. If you do not like green tea, you can easily encourage rapid consumption of calories by consuming black tea which contains caffeine. Caffeine awakens and activates metabolism in spending more calories. It is also a repressor of appetite and will reduce your desire for unnecessary snacks between meals.

Do not skip breakfast

Treat yourself with a healthy, energy-rich breakfast every morning. The earlier in the day you eat, the earlier your body starts spending the calories.


Avoid sitting as much as possible. Move as much as you can. Choose an active lifestyle, not sedentary. Every now and then, stretch your legs if you hold crossed while sitting stretch your fingers and feet. Everything that moves your body is welcome.

Reduce the temperature

Shivering also burns calories, so spend more time outdoors, especially in the colder days. When your body is cold, it uses more energy to heat up.

Eat spicy food

Hot spices temporarily accelerate your metabolism. Just half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day can help boost your metabolism and keep blood sugar levels under control. Three to four chili peppers will have an even greater effect on your metabolism. Spices make food taste sweet and are an easy bonus that you can use.

Increase the protein intake

The body requires more complex metabolic route to digested and use proteins. Thus, we advise you to increase the daily intake of proteins. This will increase the number of burned calories. Protein intake is also important in the implementation of various diets to prevent the loss of muscle mass.

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