How to clean the window glass

, How to clean the window glass

Cleaning windows and glass can sometimes be very hard because you absolutely cannot get rid of the stubborn stains on the glass. So how can you properly and efficiently clean your windows?

Glass washing fluid will help you in this, and you can make yourself.

Prepare water in which you can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid or diluted white vinegar, washing sponge, soft and dry microfiber cloth, towels or newspaper or kitchen paper towels.

First, remove all the dust and cobwebs around the windows, shutters and window sills, wash the blinds and a damp cloth wipe the exterior and interior window sills and window frames.

Then dip the sponge in the soapy water or spray your means only glass and wash the sponge moving from the top left corner until you reach the bottom right corner. The excess of water that leaks through the frames you can simply wipe off with a dry cloth.

Dry the surface of window glass with a wiper with straight lines from top to bottom. After each move wipe the eraser with a dry cloth, so that no water residue lines stay on the clean glass.

Using a dry microfiber cloths, dry the edges of a window frame.

In order to better realize eventual errors, the outer surface of the glass dry with the wiper in the direction from top to bottom, and the inner side of the glass wipe from left to right.

It is not recommended to wash the windows when they are lightened by the sun, because then often create stains that are difficult to remove. The easiest way to clean the windows is with microfiber cloth or lint.

The most beautiful and highest gloss will the glass have if rubbed with a newspaper. If you are eco-friendly person, here’s the recipe of our grandmothers: in one liter of water put three tablespoons of vinegar or ammonia, and a clean cloth dampened with a solution of wash windows.

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