How to change your eBay password

eBay users need to change their passwords following a security breach, however, the process isn’t as easy or upfront as it could be. So how and where do you change your password?

You can change eBay password by following the steps below:

Simply click the Sign in link at eBay’s home page. Then click the “forgot your password” link.

eBay prompts you to enter your email address or user ID. Type either one and then click Continue.

eBay asks how you want to reset your password, either through email or a text message. Click the option you wish to use.

Assuming you selected the email option, eBay sends you a Reset Your Password message. Click the link in the email. That link brings you to a page where you can enter your new eBay password. If you picked the text option instead, eBay displays a form to enter a PIN and texts you that PIN. Type the PIN in the appropriate field on that form, and the page to enter your new password appears.

As always, try to devise a password that’s as strong as possible, but make sure you will create one you’ll remember.

Enter your new eBay password once and then again to confirm it. eBay then prompts you to log in again with your new password.