How to choose the best marketing strategy

, How to choose the best marketing strategy

You must have read so many websites, blogs, maybe even books about choosing and understanding marketing strategies. Even so, if you should be put in a situation where you should choose the best tools and channels for implementing all those fancy ideas and useful tools together with just one goal – promoting and selling ideas, articles or services.

It’s a really complex subject and if there was a simple formula for achieving you goals through just putting marketing strategies out there, everybody would be using it.
No matter if you have a single marketing researcher or a team of eager young marketing people, nobody can guarantee you success judging only by the people working for you.

Try to put things this way and, I guarantee you, it should work.
1. Knowing who should hear all you have to say is the first step. You could know who is you target audience but try to go further. It is not enough just to set your ad to target those people you think should hear you.
Put yourself in their place. Try to think as a man or woman who will see (or won’t see) you ad and what is needed for the campaign to be successful.

2. You product, article or service must look good. To look good is not always just to have most expensive packaging or most expensive designers doing work for you. Iz might be right, but still, it might be wrong also.

Look at things this way. Every of these steps should have its own blogpost and should be explained further, analyzed and read, and then more analyzed and written all over and further.

So, take your time and consider what you want your service or product to look like. What message you want to send? What is the emotion your buyers should experience when buying and using your product and services?
And remember, it’s still just a tip of an iceberg. Still no formula, just bunch of ideas put together, analyzed, tested and considered over and over again.

3. Choosing right media might be possibly a step that could make a difference between successful campaign and a total miss.
You must have heard for a marketing mixture but too much “mixing” and you have too much flavors and not a really good taste. So again, good plan and careful tests.

Social media is really popular these days. Mixing it up with digital media might be a good start.
First, you have to have some “knowhow”, a bit of experience in business over social media. That means that you have to know what audience you are communicating with on which social media. Choosing between Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin might seem easy, but try to add Pinterest or, let’s say, Google+. How about that?
Let’s add maybe Instagram and Reddit.
It’s a bit confusing, isn’t it? So, find enough spare time to consider choosing every single of these social media. It could be helpful if you have used or you are using all of them, just to know what you are choosing from.

Let’s stop here.
It’s just a small scratch on the surface of box full of marketing tips and tricks, so read it carefully and share your experience with people you trust. They might have some ideas you didn’t have or you did but you didn’t find it interesting.

Let’s remember, it’s all about people. People producing it, promoting, selling and buying it.

, How to choose the best marketing strategy
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, How to choose the best marketing strategy
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