Sugar paste and its usage

, Sugar paste and its usage

Among the many methods of depilation, lately the sugar paste has re-gained its popularity.. Compared to other methods of depilation, this method stands out as almost painless and harmless of all. It is based on the use of 100% natural ingredients, which are absolutely safe for use on all skin types and does not cause irritation, some may be due to the sensitivity of the wax.

Sugar paste for hair removal, is available as a given product in a number of pharmaceutical institutions, as well as in beauty salons, but with very little effort and separated time, you can make yourself.


  • 10 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • half a lemon fresh Juice
  • 1 tablespoon of water


Above listed ingredients mix well and cook on low heat for about five minutes, until the mixture becomes homogeneous and viscous mass, with a bright yellow-gold color. When you get the mass of the described looks, your sugar paste is over and the receptacle in which you are the cook, you can pour into a glass container and then stored in the refrigerator to cool down completely and is ready for use.


Use the sugar paste that is ready for use, by applying the even layer of the paste on the skin, and tighten the area of ​​skin that you want to wax, and apply the paste in the opposite direction of the natural growth of the hair.  Once done that, pull in the direction of hair growth (like hot wax). Also, over the sugar paste you can paste a thin, pre-prepared cotton straps and pull them also in the direction of hair growth so that you are almost completely painlessly removed.

What is important to note is when using sugar paste, is that it is completely safe for application and removal, in the area of legs, groins, arm or upper lip and without causing irritation to the skin. Other positive thing of this paste is that id does not make ingrown hairs.

An additional advantage when it comes to hair removal with sugar paste is this, that in this method of depilation is not necessary to wait for hair growing too, but it is sufficient that their length is only about 2 mm.

, Sugar paste and its usage
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, Sugar paste and its usage
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