How to Clean An Infected Computer

The truth is that it’s a lot easier to keep a computer malware free than it is to clean one that is already infected. However, with the advice given in this article you should be able to remove any type of malware from your computer and get it back to working order. The main problem with most malware removal guides is that you have no way of knowing if all of the infections were removed. However, with my approach you can easily tell if even just running a single scanner was able to entirely clean the infection. Thus, this can save you the hassle of having to run many different scanners and the uncertainty of whether your computer is really malware free.

Make sure you follow this article in order so as to clean the infections with as little work as possible. The idea is that most people won’t have to go any further than the first approach in order to clean their computers of active malware. Thus, effectively this article is actually much shorter than it appears to be.

However, before attempting to remove any infected files you should first back up all important files. These may include documents, pictures, videos, etc… This way if anything goes wrong with the cleaning process, which is a very real possibility, your important documents will still be intact. However, do not include any program files as it is possible that these may be infected. Please note that if your computer cannot boot you should follow the advice on this page in order to back up all important files. Also, while cleaning the computer it’s important to remember that all scanners can sometimes be guilty of false positive detections. Therefore, before removing any files which you believe could possibly be safe, you should check them using the methods I discuss in How to Tell if a File is Malicious.