How to treat E-coli

, How to treat E-coli

Escherichia coli are very inconvenient bacteria that can lead to urinary and intestinal infections, even pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis. The treatment of this bacterium can be rather prolonged. The bacterium is treated with antibiotics, and natural medicines. Some people solve the problem of the Escherichia coli rather quickly, but the total cure from this bacterium is usually somewhat longer, even with antibiotic therapy. The tricky thing about the bacteria is that it tends to come back after few months if not healed properly. There are several types of Escherichia, and some of them are immune to antibiotics, so in these cases, alternative medicine might be the only solution.


This bacterium is normally placed within human intestinal flora, and it tends to multiply in the case of weaker immune system. The biggest problem with this bacterium is that there is hardly any certain way to notice some eventual problem. Some genuine indicators of excessive number of e-coli are possible fatigue, chills and fever. The anti-inflammatory medicine does serve, but only to reduce the fever, and they cannot solve the long-term problem, but are simply helping in the side effect reaction of the problem. If the e-coli enter the bladder, it may cause cystitis or urinary tract infection. In the case this happens, one would feel inconvenience while emptying the bladder or feel sensation while urinating. Symptoms may be frequent and painful urination, and sometimes the traces of blood in urine. If the symptoms are neglected and not properly treated, the bacteria can lead to serious kidney problems. If you doubt you have these symptoms, go to your doctor and he will prescribe you the proper medicines.

Alternative medicine

There are various herbal preparations or herb mixtures that can help in the treatment of this disease. These are mostly plants that are useful diuretics and act beneficially on the urinary tract.

The herb, which is the most recommended and gives results, is bearberry tea. The best way to prepare this tea is by cooking the whole leaf, for prepared on this way, the tea is believed to be the most efficient. It is recommended to drink this tea few times a day for a week time period. The tea is not recommended for pregnant women and small children. It is important that the tea used whole leaves reserves and to the right as directed. It is one of the conditions for efficient functioning.

Efficient bearberry tea treatment is not possible if the pH of the urine is <7, or if it is acidic. Litmus paper can show whether a liquid acid or base. If it is determined that the acidic urine, exceeds value of 7, in that case you then you should change your diet. The acidity in the body and is usually fertile ground for the development of the disease. The reason for the excessive acidity of the organism can be the polluted environment or even poor diet. In that case, try avoiding eating sweets, acidic foods or drinking soda beverages. Boost your intake of vegetables, optionally carrots and pearl barley. Also excellent cure for the problems of E-coli are cranberries, ginger, couch grass, nettles, parsley and marigold.


Knowing the facts that E-coli can be transmitted via dirty hands, groceries and via contaminated water, it is clear how important personal hygiene actually is. Personal hygiene is really our ally. But there is never enough of caution, so in order to be absolutely safe, a smart thing to do would be to check our entire organism every now and then, to see how the motor is really working.

Also, a genuinely good advice is to increase the daily water intake. The water purifies the entire organism, and so can help in faster throw of eventual bacteria’s, such is E-coli. Refraining from urinating can also be one of the reasons. According to some research, women are more susceptible to this infection, so they should take more care.

, How to treat E-coli
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, How to treat E-coli
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