How to clean your washing machine

, How to clean your washing machine

Did you know that 25 percent of the washing machine contains fecal bacteria trace? However, there is no need to panic – you can easily disinfect and clean the machine with only few moves.

One of the first golden rules is that if you wash your clothes at higher temperatures, the high temperatures should maintain the washing machine cleaner. If you frequently wash your laundry at lower temperatures, the machine must be cleaned several times a year, due to accumulated fat, washing powder and other debris.

  • Clean the rubber with the help of vinegar dipped in cloth. Be sure to remove powder residue and mold. If possible pull out and clean containers of powder and fabric softener with lukewarm water. Dry the containers before returning them into the machine.
  • Other ingredients that can be of use are washing soda or sodium carbonate.
  • If you do not have sodium carbonate, you can simply make it of baking soda.  Put a pound of baking, it in a baking pan and bake at the highest temperature in the oven for an hour. Do not worry, there will be no consequence, nor for you, nor for the oven.
  • Dissolve 300-400 grams in boiling water in the non-aluminum dish. Before you pour the solution into the washing machine, resolve it in four liters of water. Run the program at 95oC degrees, and if you have the option for extra rinse or add extra water, feel free to turn it on. The longer the program and the higher the temperature, the better. There is a possibility that the water in the drum foams. That foam is not produced by the soda, for soda does not foam. The chances are that the foam is a result of residue detergent. Soda will also dissolve any grease and other deposited items you probably want out of your machine. Leave a program done by the end with all the rinsing and spinning. Once the program has finished, clean the filter. Repeat the program at 95oC degrees, but next time make sure to add a liter of white vinegar, poured through the dispenser. The vinegar will break down all the stones if accumulated on the heating elements.
  • Alternatively, you can clean the washing drum with vinegar and baking soda or lemon juice. Make sure the machine is empty. Pour 2 tablespoons of baking soda and half a cup of distilled vinegar in the compartment for washing powder. Close the compartment and machines doors. Set the machine program at the highest temperature and longest program available, and turn on the machine.
  •  You can pour 1 to 1.5 cup fresh lemon juice instead of vinegar into compartments. By putting the lemon juice, you will disinfect the machine; remove odors and eventual washing powder residues. This will be especially helpful if you have problems with rust.

We advise you to repeat the cleaning process every three months and more often if you frequently wash your excessively greasy and dirty, or working clothes.

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