How to create a website

, How to create a website

Today’s world of internet communication has become imperative for all those who want to engage in serious business. If you want to create your own website, now you can do in a very simple manner and in a short period.

Selection and domain registration

You have probably thought about the appropriate domain name. However, the domain names that you might have considered may already be occupied. Therefore, the first thing you should do is – check domain availability. You can do this by visiting the page and checking the domain availability so that you enter the desired name in the search field.

If your name is not available, try different domain name or different variation of the desired domain name until you find the one that is available. Namecheap will suggest similar domain names to the one you have tried. If you really only need a name that is busy, you can try to contact the owner of that domain name or select one of the Premium domain. Premium domains are domains that already have a reputation and a certain attendance and are therefore are quite expensive. Finally – if you decide to have a domain name – it is necessary to register that name.

Before you register a domain to Namecheap, you have to sign in. In that case, you will have to create a free account on the Namecheap, and after that you are free to register your desired domain. Insert all the necessary information about the domain account and you will receive an e-mail. After you have done all that, you are now officially a domain owner.

Hosting Services Registration

Host is a certain space on the server, on which your website is located. There is also a free host but that host is not recommended it for several reasons. Free Host usually means poor quality or total lack of technical support. This means that in the case of a server crash or unavailability of your website – no one can be held responsible, and your website might become a sub domain of another domain and platform for  advertisements, and case your page starts accruing greater number of visits – the owner of hosting is entitled to take your now domain. To avoid this happen, try searching serious Host. My recommendation is Hostgator, for its effectiveness, very low price for a professional service, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, a huge number of free web templates and online technical support from 0-24.

After registration to Hostgator hosting services you will receive an email with all the information related to your host – your control panel URL – the URL of your domain – Your username, password, IP address…

Next thing to do is – to connect your domain to your host environment.

Go back to the

Find yourself at Namecheap – Member’s Home.

On the left you can see all your account information.

Just below is a field “Quickly modify one of your domains”

Enter your domain name in this field ( and click MODIFY.

The third field from above the DNS transfers. Click and enter Nameserver 1 and Nameserver second data given to you by HostGator in e-mail).

Installing WordPress

Log in to your Webhost Manager Control Panel (use the information sent to you by Hostgator  e-mail) Depending on your host plan, you can configure and modify the desired disk space and bandwidth. In case of any eventual problems you can address to their online technical service.

Now type in the address bar /cpanel. Log-in control panel of your domain (data you got from Namecheap e-mail). Check in the left column as SQL Databases have allowed to install on your domain (If it says 0/0 – go back to the Webhost Manager Control Panel and change the number of SQL Databases to 1).

Start Fantastico DeLuxe – choose WordPress and follow the installation steps. After installation you will receive an email with all the information to log on as an administrator. Well done – you’ve installed the WordPress platform to enter content to your website.

Installing WordPress Template

Type in the address bar – / wp-admin – to open the WordPress login window of your website. Enter your username and password given to you by e-mail. And now you are in the WordPress admin area has your website. Dig a little what all this is. Interface is very easy to navigate.

After getting acquainted with WordPress, select the left column Appearance – Install Themes – to determine the filter parameters for the desired look of the website and you will get variety of free templates that you can install on your website. If you do not like these free templates or you want something more professional – I recommend that you visit or and buy a professionally designed template.

, How to create a website
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, How to create a website
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