How to change notification sounds on Android device

, How to change notification sounds on Android device

Changing notification sound on Android device can be done in a number of ways as Android has built-in tools to handle the setting or you can install one of many apps dedicated to the cause.

Changing notification sounds is quite simple and the process is nearly identical on all versions of Android devices.

  1. Start by accessing main system Settings.
  2. Find and tap on Sound and notification, your device may just say Sound.
  3. Find and tap on Default notification ringtone, device you have may say Notification Sound. If this option is grayed out on you, it may be blocked when your device is in vibrate/silent mode, or Priority mode, so just turn your volume on to continue.
  4. Choose a sound – start tapping on each sound to hear it in action.
  5. When you’ve chosen a sound, tap on OK to finish.

If you have your own audio file that you wish to use, you will need to employ a third party app to continue.

Using your own custom chosen media files as a notification sound is a marvelous customization for your Android device.

There is a long list of apps that will help you here, but if your file is all ready to go, look toward your file explorer for a potential solution.

If you have ES File Explorer installed, you will have seen the option to use the app when you tapped on Default notification ringtone above.

ES File Explorer does not let you sample the files, it simply activates the file you tap on. However, once you choose the file, it registers as a notification sound and will be available to choose from the default Android sound chooser.

, How to change notification sounds on Android device
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, How to change notification sounds on Android device
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