How to cure a sore throat

Are you have a sore throat? Here are some suggestions that can alleviate the pain in the throat until it is fully healed.

–          Drink plenty of water.

–          Avoid carbonated beverages. Drinking Coca-Cola or some other refreshing soft drink in combination with throat lozenges for them to soften and causes pain.

–          Drink hot drinks and soup. This will ease the pain, and to compensate for liquid and some nutrients. Chicken soup is a good choice.

–          Drink tea with lemon (or a green or herbal tea) with honey. This have great help.

–          Cut the lemon in half, put it in a pan and bake it in the oven, or until crust it becomes golden brown. Squeeze the juice from it and mix with a spoon of honey. Stir and drink.

–          Mix the ginger with lemonade. Tear down this in your throat without swallowing. Ginger will stick in the throat and thus temporarily relieve pain and create a mechanical barrier to prevent injuries caused by coughing throat. Citric acid will help to remove mucus.

–          Drink hot water. It will help so which will stretch the muscles in your throat and will not hurt so much when you cough.

–          Gargle with warm salt water, with a few drops of lemon, at least 3 to 4 times per day. The salt should be dissolved in water. Do not go overboard with the salt as this can cause further irritation. Salts should be so much just to help in removing excess mucus from deep in his throat.

–          Heat the apple juice or orange in the microwave (not too much) and drink up it as you sipped hot tea. Add to that the effect would be even better.

–          Mix the warm milk with honey. Not only does it have great taste, but also currently operates.


–          Eat cold foods, but avoid anything too sweet like biscuits. Too much sugar will irritate the throat. Ice cream or popsicle is appropriate.

–          Swallow a few tablespoons of honey.


–          Cough up if you feel the need. If you keep coughing you will be harder to get rid of.

–          Take a shower with warm water. Warm vapors will purify the sinuses, which are usually the cause of a sore throat.

–          When you begin to feel better, try to be on your feet, if you do not sleep, you will find that it will help in many ways to stop choking congestion and the resulting pain in the throat.

–          Sleep! Sleep will strengthen the body, and will fight against colds.