How to encash your knowledge on the internet

, How to encash your knowledge on the internet

If we start from the fact that the accumulation of wealth over the internet hoax, we must nevertheless admit that it is possible to make some money through foreign websites. If you are interested, know that it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the English language, PayPal, MoneyBookers or Payza account and Internet connection.

First, forget about Pay Per Click programs. Even if they are legitimate and when there is evidence that they pay their members, it is not recommended to waste time clicking on advertisements. Earnings is humiliating notwithstanding the fact that the varnish that job. If not for a few days, even with the help of referrals you have wagered $ 1 where all?

If you are considering a result of writing articles in English, should know that they are in circulation two – three variants. Companies such as Interact Media, Constant Content or Text Broker pay per article 2-5 US dollars and relatively quickly. To you become accepted, you must include a brief biography and a sample article. After that, on their website you find jobs. When you accept a task, it’s almost certain earnings, but the client has the right to refuse.

Sites such as oDesk or eLance have a huge database of jobs and freelance writers from around the world and therefore it is not easy to get a job. There is work to be translated, for lecturers, data entry and Webmaster. When you sign up for a certain task, know that a hundred other colleagues also applied.

Writing for sites like Triond and Bukisa at first glance appears as “mission impossible” because you need at least 1000 unique visits to get started that you paid. There are mitigating circumstances: the criteria by which publishes articles are lighter and you can choose the theme; 1000 visits does not apply to an individual article, but for all articles that are posted, so you can make an effort to at the beginning attach 50 good works, and they will easily gain by 20 visitors. later, you are not obliged to continue writing because these same articles constantly earn; If you have a Google Adsense account, your articles will additionally earn through their advertising.

Finally, if you are not skilled at writing, but instead to praise the product or have visited a web site, a good way to make a placing your affiliate link to products from the website Amazon Associates or by placing Google Adsense or Chitika commercials exactly. You will also receive a monthly percentage of the earnings of the given product.

Epinions has the ability to earn money by commenting on products and that is to you less than if you write articles. It should be to receive the percentage of their profits. If you do not know the language very well, and fast typing, try your skills with Pro typers site. It is only necessary to decipher, accurately and quickly knock their captcha symbols from the picture.

You may find this information help you earn extra revenue or overcome times of crisis. Good luck in the work.

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