How to increase the battery life on your laptop

If you have somewhat older model of a laptop, chances are that you have the problems with the battery.  Battery life and the duration of battery is the major problem when it comes to laptops, especially somewhat elder models. It often happens that the battery too quickly consumed, and if we find somewhere where you can recharge the battery, the situation is even worse.

You must have your least once encounter with the problem of low battery on the laptop. In order to avoid such things and make sure that it does not happen again, we bring you some useful tips that you can adhere to the battery out every ounce of energy.

1. Close all unnecessary programs and applications that run in the background. Prevent your laptop to parallel execute a large number of unnecessary tasks that will additionally extend the battery life, and decrease its durability.

2. Reduce the brightness of the screen. Keeping the laptop screen at maximum of the brightness has a huge impact on battery consumption, in a way that it consumes the majority of the energy from the battery.

3. If you love and you tend to listen to music on your laptop, we’ll have to disappoint you. The speakers on the laptop are not energy efficient and are considered to be one of the biggest consumers of laptop battery.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can consume the battery even when not connected to a network or a device.

5. Make sure to turn on the “Power Saving Mode” on your laptop. Click the Battery icon in the lower right corner on Windows, and then click on the “Power Saver” option.

6. Keep your battery “healthy”. Do not expose the laptop or the battery to the extreme temperatures, regardless of the fact that those temperatures are high or low.

Additional trick that can help you in your battery duration is to recharge the battery only in the case when the battery is almost empty.