How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview

Even though the Windows 10 is still in its experimental phase, they are offering the possibility of Technical Preview download of the latest Windows 10 OS. Microsoft has released Windows 10 Technical Preview, intended to professionals and enthusiasts who wish to experience what will Windows 10 offer once released.

Even if this offer might sound tempting, it is important to state that Windows 10 OS is still in its experimental phase, and therefore has realistic chances of having catastrophic errors.

Therefore, it is best option to install Windows 10 Technical Preview as a virtual machine using VirtualBox. If you have decided to give it a try, here are some instructions on how to install Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview

The first thing to do is naturally download Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO file on official Microsoft’s website. Don’t be surprised for the „Get Started“ and „Join Now“ options you have to click in order to finally download the Technical Preview. Once you finally get to the download page, you need to select the appropriate language and version (32 or 64 bit).

Installation of a virtual machine

Oracle’s VirtualBox, is a free tool for creating a virtual machine that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Download and install the adequate version of VirtualBox. After installation run VirtualBox and click the “New” in the top left of the application.

In the “Name” field, type Windows 10 and the type of operating system, select Microsoft Windows version of Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit version, depending on the version of the ISO you downloaded). Then click “Next”.

On the next screen you will be asked to choose how much RAM you want to dedicate a virtual operating system. When it comes to Windows 10, you will be shown the recommended amount of RAM. Accept it and unless you have some special reason not to.

After that, you need to create a virtual hard drive on which to install Windows 10. Also, the screen that appears after you select the amount of RAM, click on “Create a virtual hard drive” Select VDI (VirtualBox disk image) as the file type, and the type of virtual hard disk you will have the choice between that which is fixed in size and those that dynamically allocates space. It is better to choose a fixed size because it offers better performance. Click on “Create” and wait until your VirtualBox creates a virtual hard disk.

Installing Windows 10 on a virtual machine

After you have finished creating a virtual hard disk, you will be sent back to the main screen of VirtualBox. Click the Start button. You will be asked to “Select a start-up disk” so you need to click on the small image folder and find where you saved the ISO file Windows 10. When you have found and selected, click on the “Start” to begin the installation.

After that, everything is the same as a normal installation of Windows, with the usual occasional reboot with the remark that this reboot occur within VirtualBox and not your computer. It is important to note that there is only one important choice you have to make during the installation, and that is to select “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” when you are offered a choice between this and a standard installation.