Positive and negative side of online dating

Word is very dynamic place to live in, ever since the internet revolution took over the globe. The time-consuming environment takes huge impact on every part of our life, and in the run for the priorities of material nature, we seem to lack of time for private life. That is the reason of emerge and popularity of online dating services.
Online dating has, as everything, both positive and negative sides. You just have to decide which are prevailing. If you are considering on finding your future partner via online services or finding your soul mate online, genuinely, we present you arguments for both positive and negative aspects of such solution for your love life.

1. Online meeting saves time drastically. You can meet a lot of people for a relatively short time and decide with whom you want to stay in contact, with minimum waste of your time.
2. You can meet a person much quicker, because people tend to speak more openly when they feet protected and anonymous.
3. Eventual turn down affects you far less than when it happens directly.
4. You can instantly choose the people you are interested by merely reviewing their profile, and sometimes just by looking at the picture.
5. When it comes to meeting the partners with the same goals (meeting possible future partners) the attractiveness is based on the intrinsic qualities rather than on mere physical appearance.
6. In one hand is quite safe, because you do not need to reveal your name, address or other personal information you do not want to share.

1. On the other hand, this type of meeting soul mate does contain certain insecurity. You never know who exactly the person you are talking to is. Some people tend to amuse themselves by misleading other persons, and in worst case scenarios, even pose a threat to others.
2. It can be very dangerous, because there are many maniacs that aim to manipulate and use fragile and slightly naïve persons they want to take advantage of.
3. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain online relationship regardless of the excitement of mystery, because there is no real meetings and the excitement of non-virtual and physical moments.
4. No matter how serious the relationship might be, your family and friends might not approve of it for they might consider it not to be serious. And we all do know how the unapproved of the closest ones can affect us.
5. You should be prepared to major changes. As one of the examples we can state moving because the person you fell in love might live thousands of miles away from you.
6. This type of dating does in a way cause a kind of addiction. For you are stuck to your device waiting for the message.