How to live with a roommate

, How to live with a roommate

Living with two or more roommates can be difficult.  In order to make a good atmosphere in that union, and make a good and fair relationship with a roommate, there are few rules for common life that have to be completed.


Whatever you do in the apartment, make sure to clean behind you and do not make a mess. Remember that it is not your roommates’ duty to clean behind you, nor would you like to clean behind your roommate. In order to maintain fair relationship and have clean apartment, make effort and clean your mess.

Loud music

If you share your musical tastes with your roommate and you find yourself in the same mood at the same time, then that’s fine. Get ready to rock at will. However, if you are not home alone and you know very well that your roommate is not in a good mood and do not share the same love of music with you, put yourself in the opposite situation.

Buying household supplies

Toilet paper, dishwashing detergent, cleaning agents and similar supplies that you use for maintaining the household should not be at your cost, nor at your roommates cost, but should be bought by together cost. When shopping those necessities, always consult your roommate, and ask him to consult with you.


If your roommate is a good friend of yours, this is a reason to constantly occupy his concerns and preoccupations and vice versa. Every man needs time alone and make sure to respect that and give it your roommate, just as he will provide it to you. Thus will your cohabitation be successful because no one likes to be someone examines the “hanging over his head” non-stop!


If you are uncomfortable with something that your roommate does, make sure to tell. Still, before you tell him, consider if you are being too sensitive, do you have problems with issues that are otherwise completely normal, or is it really something that truly bothers you. If that is the case, choose the right moment and tell your roommate, but do it without attacking, but making a healthy observation and healthy communication. If you tell him in a calm and quiet voice, your roommate will certainly not be offended, and you will easily find a compromise in solving your problems.

, How to live with a roommate
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, How to live with a roommate
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