How to lose weight before summer

, How to lose weight before summer

Quick tips to lose weight before the summer:

–          Reduce the intake of fat in the body for a minimum of 50%.

–          Practice every day at least 20 minutes of physical activity.

–          In each meal put fruits and vegetables.

–          Instead of meat, consume more fish.

–          Be sure to practice the light dinner, free and low in fat and carbohydrates.

How to consume less fat

–          Open your fridge and throw out everything that smells of grease. As for foods that are necessary in the diet, and contain fat, buy one with a lower rate of fat. Other eject.

Physical activity and how to practice

If you go to bed at 00:00, then at 20:00, stop eating, and at 22:00 finish your training, and at midnight go to sleep. It does not have to be midnight, and later you can, but you should not eat anything for a period of training until the morning!

Why not do the training immediately after dinner? The body needs a minimum of two hours to process food inputs. If you are involved in training immediately after dinner, your training will be painful to put into action, because of the pain and discomfort that arise when if you exercise immediately after eating! Since you will not eat after completed training, your body will burn fat while you sleep instead of food.

Fruits and vegetables

Allows for easier digestion of food intake, the body provides the necessary vitamins and minerals, and fiber that promotes faster to lose weight.

Meat and fish

–          Fish is easier to digest and contains less fat in it, and it is definitely the top choice, and you should often eat instead of meat.

–          From meat choose only chicken, discard the rest.

Light dinner

– Cut out carbs (bread, rice, pasta ..) and fat (required !!!). Light dinner will make the body after physical training to burns fat because it will not offer another choice!

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