How to solve the problem of snoring

Do not let snoring ruin your relationship. You can very easily get rid of snoring in just a few steps:

1. scrunch up in bed – buy a few extra pillows and prop up in bed, rather than lying flat on his back. So your tissue from the throat will not fall into the air passages.

2. Raise the head of the bed – place several flat boards under the feet of the bed on the upper side.

3. Sleep on your side – if you sleep on your back, tongue and soft palate are leaning on the back of the throat, which closes the airway passage.

4. Uncork the nose – before bedtime put in the nose drops or antihistamines. Use only as a temporary measure, if you suspect that you snore due to colds or allergies. Long-term use can be harmful. Also gargle mouthwash mint to reduce the amount of mucus in the nose and throat.

5. Try to sleep with a collar – might sound excessive, but some persons for the prevention of snoring use a collar. It works by holding the chin stretched, so that the neck is not bent and airways remain open.

6. Reduce the number of allergens in the room – to relieve nasal congestion, often drawn in the floors and curtains. Change your sheets and pillowcases.