How to make a good first impression

, How to make a good first impression

In contact with people, we often ignore the fact that in the first few seconds we create a complete picture of someone without a word. The way a person performs, in the first few seconds, can have a greater impact than what they say. Sometimes while interacting with other people we pay most attention to what was said and doing so we forget that body movements that can tell us more than words do. While it may be wrong, the first impression is largely determines the further course and quality of communication. Every time when we meet someone for the first time, first impression is formed and this is a process that is not reversible and cannot be changed. Keep that in mind the next time you get to meet someone and bear in mind that you only get one shot to make a first impression.

Be there in time

Remember this if you are starting a career in a new company (the first day on the new job) or you are in a position to meet new people. It is important to remember that the first few seconds crucial to make your mark. Therefore, if you are late, you are missing their best couple of seconds. In the business world, time is priceless and no one likes to wait. If you arrive on time it will be on you to create an image of someone who has respect for other people and who appreciates the importance of time.

Also, make sure not to arrive too early. If this happens, especially if you are coming with someone in the office or at home, you can allow it to obstruct the obligations incurred prior to the meeting with you, which will again put in an awkward position.

Dress to impress

When you do arrive, the next thing that speaks about you is your appearance. Although we learned that clothes do not make the man, in this case the suit and external appearance are one step more that takes you to a good first impression. First of all, do not be stiff and rigid, so for it makes you look unsure. Of course, it is not advisable not to be totally relaxed because you will act unprofessionally. Be self-confident and open, so people will realize that you are willing to accept new acquaintances and that you are someone she can communicate. The smile says a lot about you; first of all, you will appear to be full of confidence and optimism. Also, people react to smile with a smile and it’s definitely something you want to achieve.

Handshake and introduction

Once you have introduced yourself no-verbal sense, now comes times for verbal sense. you positive attitude might help Here, politeness in speech and chat that make the situation less tense. Each situation is different, but what we can definitely advice is to rely on “common sense”. This will help you to set properly in every situation and to adapt in the most natural way possible.

, How to make a good first impression
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, How to make a good first impression
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