How to make simple homemade baby wipes

When you have a baby, who has very delicate and sensitive skin, you want to make sure that the products that are in direct touch with your baby are the best. If you want to be positive that your baby receives only the best, here is a simple DIY baby wipes recipe that you can literally make with a few regular household items.

All you need is:
• 2 dl of water
• 2 tablespoon of baby bath shampoo
• 1 tablespoon of baby oil
• 1 kitchen paper towel
(preferably with 2 or more layers)
• A plastic container with lid

The procedure is very simple:

Step 1
Mix all the liquid ingredients together into one homogeneous solution.

Step 2
Cut the kitchen paper towel in half. The other half you can use save for the next time you make baby wipes.

Step 3
Vertically place the half of the paper towel in the plastic container. Slowly pour the solution over the paper towel. Let the paper soak in the solution for a few minutes.

Step 4
In the meantime, drill a hole in the middle of the plastic container lid.

Step 5
Gently pull out the paper towel roll from the middle, and search for the beginning of paper towel from the middle. Once you find it, gently pull it through the hole you drilled in the plastic container lid. Close it and you have a homemade child-friendly and eco-friendly baby wipes.