How to prevent ingrown hairs on beard

Ingrown hairs can sometimes be a result of the peeling of skin that covered the hair. In addition, the blunt razors can make things worse while they tend to chop curly hair follicles, causing the hair to „change the course“ and start to grow inward, what the skin may recognize as a thread and defend by infection and minor inflammation. In either case, you will need a fine shaping tool in order to cut the hair as close to the skin as possible and then you can finally achieve the very smooth shaving.

Preparation is the key to the perfect shave. Soak a small towel in hot water and then wrap around your face and hold for about a minute before you shave. Or simply shave after bath or shower. When hair absorbs all hot water, facial muscles and skin to relax and make the process of shaving easier.

Avoid the problematic areas. If you must shave, and your skin is still irritated on various places, be gentle whine passing over those areas and go over them only once. Use aftershave lotion or odorless oil for sensitive skin – that sure is dermatological tested.

Avoid razors with rotating heads. They cut the hair in different directions, and can cause the hair follicle to grow inwards.

Avoid wearing collars. The stiff collars can additionally irritate sensitive skin and irritation of your neck is really not something that you need when you seem to have the hair that is more likely to ingrown. And it definitely does not help the fact that the collars may catch dirt, sweat and oil that clog the pores.

Make a peeling. Men should make a quality peeling at least twice a week in order to clean excessive oil from the skin, dirt from the face and dead cells. Dead cells can prevent hair to grow out – so it grows inside. The best one would be the peeling with jojoba micro granules and natural fruit extracts.