How to protect your children online

, How to protect your children online

Over the years is become more and more difficult to protect the children while online,  since the threats to them are becoming more numerous and constantly evolving. Parents resort to different solutions, and even a complete ban of the Internet to the children, which is very hard, because nowadays the Internet is the natural environment of children.

Here are some of the solutions on how to protect your children on some of the most popular platforms, according to technology blog Gizmodo.


Windows systems rely on Microsoft’s Family Safety special program which, in addition to an Internet address, also includes accompanying program for your computer to improve user access and control. It is possible to restrict access to hazardous addresses, track those visited and limit the time kids spend on games and other applications.

If the Windows Live Family Safety is not already on your computer, it can be downloaded and settings can be edited by going to

Control Panel> Family Safety> Manage settings on the Family Safety website.

Here you can edit user accounts that you want to control, set up individual accounts for each child, and the like.

OS X Mavericks

Apple’s operating system integrates all parental control within the system, instead of relying on private web destination. In addition to the standard limits and possibilities for monitoring, it is possible to limit the children and with whom communicate.

To access, go to the

Apple menu> System Preferences> Parental Controls

Enable Parental Controls and set options as desired. It is possible to add individual users to the list. For each user account, you can set appropriate limits.

Chrome OS

Log on to the system with an administrator account, add other users (and to make sure that the Guest Browsing is disabled) and go on to set limits.


Just go to

Settings> General> Restrictions

and you will see variety of restriction options, like locking the ability to purchase within the application, the allowable content, etc.

Windows Phone

Microsoft’s mobile platform has integrated the Kid’s Corner. Just go to the respective application, or access the KC via the settings and add content to which children will be able to access, including music, apps, movies and the like. Although the application of the children will be able to click on links to open a Web browser, will not be able to go to other sites, which makes this option quite useful.


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