How to buy a fresh meat

Meat is definitely one of the foods that hard to avoid if you are preparing food at home. Although you often buy meat, you need to ask yourself can you tell if the meat you are buying is spoiled. Note that the red color of the meat can often deceive buyers, but a sure indication of spoiled meat is definitely the unpleasant odor. When choosing meat, you must watch for expiration date of the product.

Note that the bright red color of meat does not mean that the meat is fresh, or as the darker color of meat does not mean that the meat is spoiled.  The color depends on the heat and light in the store, as well as exposure to oxygen. It is very important to smell the meat, and if it smells unpleasant, you are better off not buying it.

If the meat has a slimy texture, it probably means that the bacteria began to multiply on the surface.

And what’s with the meat under the foil? Do not buy packaged meat if it is close to the expiration of its shelf life. Chicken, beef and certain fruit must be packed in containers of polystyrene foam. Specifically, under the meat is backing that absorbs the liquid that comes out of it. Excess fluid is the best indicator of age.  One of the best ways to detect liquid in that case is to press the meat with your fingers; the liquid will be shown from the side.