How to protect your eyes from the display

, How to protect your eyes from the display

Computers are very useful providers of informations, and it is hardly possible to imagine the lives without them. However, staring for too long on the bright monitors can be hazardous for the eyes.

We bring you advices on how to preserve your eyes from the displays.

High quality monitor
High quality monitor is  is better option for your eyes. Ideally you should consider working on the LCD monitor, and if you only have a CRT monitor that flashes, you can improve by placing it at the highest frequency of operation. Do not have too bright monitor, because too tired eyes lighting. It is best to adjust the monitor’s brightness to the conditions of the environment in which you reside.

Frequent blinking

Blink frequently to avoid excessive drying of the cornea, and provoked irritation, especially if you wear contact lenses. When working at a computer, person blinks 15 times less than usual, and is well with you always have eye drops, which will help maintain eye moisture.

Vision control

Regular vision control is required in order to have time to take steps to correct vision. Poor vision correction acts poorly on the overall situation, as well as in your work. Check your vision every two years, by visiting an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Proper distance
By maintaining the proper distance from the keyboard and the monitor so that you are 60cm away from the monitor and 40cm from the keyboard. Sit upright while you are at the computer.

Proper light
Good lighting in the workplace is very desirable, and the best option is daylight. If you work in the dark, make sure to have a classic light bulb. Fluorescent bulbs are not recommended.

Remove the eyesore 

Move away any sparkling objects from the desktop, as glittering objects are disturbing. Surround yourself with dark interior and use the  lenses that have a high quality anti-reflective layer.

, How to protect your eyes from the display
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, How to protect your eyes from the display
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