How to react in encounter with a police officer

If you are a registered driver, chances are that you are going to have a close encounter with police. People often tend to describe this encounter as stressful, without any logical reason. Try avoiding any panic, for the worst thing that can happen, is eventual financial punishment, unless you have committed some more serious violation of traffic regulation.

1. Immediately stop the car and park on the side
Turn all four blinkers, remove sunglasses, turn down the radio and stop the engine. Open the window glasses. Keep your hands where the police officer can see them, on the steering wheel. It is recommended that hands of the passenger are on a visible place.

2. Adress the policeman with ” Officer”
If you give us the respect and decency to the police representative, it will be much faster and easier to get away from the situation.

3. Always tell the truth about your record
The officer already knows (or will soon find out) the answers to the questions related to the previous punishment, so there is no point of lying. Do not claim that you do not have penalties if it is not true.

4. Do not argue with a policeman
Not only will you look foolish and / or arrogant but your comments can be recorded on a copy of the sentence which remains at a police officer which can be used to remind you of your words if the matter goes to trial.
Do not give the officer the reason that you or your case address for personal reasons, as this will encourage them to come to testify if you decide to write a complaint and go to court. (Many accused receive litigation, because the court does not appear policeman who would testify against them)
Try to understand that this is his job and do not understand punishment personally.

5. Do not claim that you are innocent if it is not true
The officer has seen that you have made a misdemeanor and your denial of guilt or unconvincing excuses can make him even more angry.

6. Try with reasonable excuses
After all we are all human and we all make mistakes. The officer is aware that a small traffic mistakes happen to all of us and it is very likely that you will have to tolerate and forgive me if I’ll be nice and fair to him.