How to react to an insult

, How to react to an insult

Insults are certainly the ugliest form of communication. Insults are the ugliest methods of communication and serve only to embarrass someone and/or to make the other person feel bad. Insults are pure expression of hatred and anger towards someone. it is very difficult to react at the insults because they serve to hit you directly to the heart and that you immediately disarm, and does not leave you time to react because you are attacked directly and suddenly. But you must rise above the events and respond to these insults. We explain how best to react to the insults and you have to do when someone insults.

Your initial reaction at insults is probably to return the insult with the insult, which is really not a good idea. There are much better ways to deal with the insult.


  • Define whether the insult was intentional or accidental, because you often might interpret such situations wrong, and accuse the person even if that person did not really mean anything wrong.
  • If you got offended by the person close to you, make sure to tell them that their words hurt you.
  • If you do not know how to react to an insult, the best way is to walk away without any further discussion. This will usually make clear to the other person that their reaction is wrong and can often have more impact than anything else.
  • Laugh at the insult and turn into a joke. People who know how to laugh in these situations show how others do not realize the other side seriously and how their words have no importance. Even if you are really hurt, laugh and say that the person that offended you must have had a bad day.
  • Ignore and do not let the other person notice that you are even affected by their words. If the insults continue, then just turn your back and walk away.
  • Breathe deeply and sing your favorite song, ignoring what was going on.
  • Stay as still as possible, because the more peaceful you react, the results will be better.
, How to react to an insult
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, How to react to an insult
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