How to reduce level of sugar in your blood

, How to reduce level of sugar in your blood

High blood sugar is a very serious condition that can cause many problems. At the beginning of high blood sugar level does not necessarily mean anything more than discomfort and the need for frequent visits to the bathroom but when the high blood sugar is not put under controlled, it can lead to serious health problems. A person with very high blood sugar may fall into a coma or even die. By reducing blood sugar levels before it is high, you can prevent a variety of short and long term health problems.

Physical symptoms of high blood sugar

The first and perhaps most important step that you must take are to know the physical symptoms of high blood sugar to be able to recognize when it happens. These symptoms include excessive thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision, excessive fatigue, dry mouth and feeling of discomfort. If you feel one or more of these symptoms, check your blood sugar or contact your doctor.


If you like to drink juices, the next step will be very difficult because it requires the replacement of all your drinks with plain water. Not only will the water help you flush out your system but it will be a helpful agent in controlling your weight. People with high blood sugar should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, because this is a great way to reduce blood sugar levels.

Physical activity

One of the great ways to reduce blood sugar levels is physical activity. Thirty minutes to an hour of daily exercise can help regulate and reduce the blood sugar levels and can also lower your blood pressure and weight. Each of these things can have a significant impact on reducing the sugar level in your blood.

Eating habits

Eat smaller amounts of food than usual but eat several times during the day. Avoiding foods can cause a sudden and excessive drop of sugar in the blood, which is not a good thing while reducing and scheduling the meals during the day will have a good effect on your sugar levels. Of course if you eat junk food, scheduling that food during the day will not help you. Choose healthy foods that are recommended for high blood sugar levels, such as lima beans, oatmeal, peanuts, cinnamon, grapefruit or spinach.

Eliminate the stress

The last step you must take is to use relaxation techniques to relieve stress. Stressful situations can often cause an increase in blood sugar levels, which of course can lead you to be even more stressed. This can start a terrible vicious circle. Meditation, yoga or simply spending time in quiet and peaceful area can help reduce stress and so the blood sugar level.

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