Secrets of a good LinkedIn profile

, Secrets of a good LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network that brings together job seekers and companies that are looking for employees.

Statistics show that this corporate network uses as much as 87% of talent scouts. Therefore it is very important to make impressive profile. If you wonder how to make a good profile, we might just have the answers for you.

  • First and the most important thing is that your profile must be filled in all your professional experience and skills, and information about education, without false modesty. When someone observes your profile, they will have what to read. For all other informations, you can use other social networks.
  • Use your full name, and do not forget to include contact and include crucial keywords that are often used in the industry in which you do or would like to work. Also, experts advise that it is better to make a simpler profile address (URL).
  • Recommendations are a great thing that offers this network. So do not hesitate to request them from your contacts.
  • It is certainly good to set up a profile and links to where you can see your previous work (if any). LinkedIn also allows you to upload various documents and PowerPoint presentations, which can be present.
  • Also, appropriate profile picture is very important.

As you know, the photo also plays a significant role in perceiving you as a responsible and reliable person. Here are tips on what pictures to avoid as setting as a profile picture if you want to be taken seriously.

  • Drunken photos – no matter what you may think that you are in this photo turned out great, do not set this as a profile photo.
  • Photos in which you look like a top model – of course you need to look good, but this is a business network in which you need to look responsibly and professionally, too artistic photography will not impresses potential employers.
  • Photos with a third person – regardless of whether it was a best friend, partner, family members, LinkedIn is a network in which you need to act professionally so leave such images for Facebook.
  • Photoshopped photos – it is interesting to use the filters, frames and all the other options when you develop your creativity, but such photographs should not be on the professional profile.
  • Photos in the mirror – pictures like these leave a lot of frivolous impression so rather ask a friend to photograph you.

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