How to reduce your electrical bills

, How to reduce your electrical bills

Saving is the new imperative. We save on anything and everything we possibly can. Our electric bills as well. If you want to save a couple of buck on electricity, but do not know how, here are some ideas that can help you to achieve significant savings in reasonable time period.

Appliances that save energy

While buying appliances, make sure to have in mind their energy class. Devices that fall in energy class A use up to 35 percent less electrical energy than for example, the devices of energy grade D.

Devices that have a class A + and A ++ consume much less electricity. However, when purchasing such a device there is, of course, the issue of price, as the devices  with greater energy class (A)are more expensive to purchase, but are the long-term profitable investment. But that does not mean you need to replace all household appliances; you can save much even if you replace some older devices with those of better energy rating.


Big amount of the summer time electricity bill is consumed by air conditioners. When setting the climate, it is important to take account of their position. The air-conditioners installed in direct sunlight and consume up to 10 percent more electricity. If possible, place the air-conditioner on the north wall of the house or building. Of course, a major role reducing the electricity bill is in regular maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning. If your air conditioner is more than 12 years old, the replacement for the newer model with better energy class will make you feel a big difference when it comes to reduction of your electricity bill.

Unplug all appliances when not in use

Appliances do consumes a lot of electricity, even when switched off.  So, stop the unnecessarily increase of your electricity bill and unplug all extension cords. Seventy percent of the electricity is consumed even when the devices are turned off, but not unplugged. These are literally ‘energy vampires’ that consume electricity. Therefore, all extension cords turn off the key and prevent unnecessary consumption. Avoid running appliances in stand-by mode because in this way you can save up to five percent of the total electricity bill in the household. Also make sure that you don’t leave chargers plugged if unnecessarily. When you go on a weekend, completely unplug the printer, coffee machines and additional phone chargers.


Avoid using the function of drying the dishes in the dishwasher, if possible. Instead, open the door and allow the free to air dry or wipe it off. In that way, dishwasher spends up to 50 percent less power.

Before you turn on the dishwasher, make sure it is fully charged. Fully charged dishwasher will consume lot less hot water and lot less detergent and less power, and it will bring you multiple savings.


Refrigerator adds the most to electricity bill than any other household appliance. Therefore, it is certainly worth to clean behind and under the refrigerator at least twice a year, as it improves efficiency by 30 to 50 percent, and therefore, reduces the electricity bill. Refrigerator and freezer operate more efficiently when they are full. If you feel your refrigerator is not full enough, put containers filled with tap water in the fridge and ice bags in the freezer. Refrigerator hold at 1-3°C. Regularly check in the state of the refrigerator door and the rubber on doors; if necessary, replace it as this will prevent wasting additional energy.

Washing machine

You’ll save detergent, time, water and between five to 15 percent of electricity consumption if you do not use the pre-wash for normally soiled laundry. In addition, if the clothing is not excessively dirty, wash it at a lower temperature and reduce power consumption and electricity bill. Be sure to consider the inclusion of less spin, and do not turn on half-empty washing machine.

Cooking on electricity

While cooking on electricity, a good advice would be to do the cooking with the lid on, because in that way the heat remains in the vessel, which leads to 20 percent of energy savings. Food will cook a lot faster if you bowl has better adhesion to the heating stove which means you are using the greater surface to heat, and make sure to use pots with flat and smooth bottom.

, How to reduce your electrical bills
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, How to reduce your electrical bills
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