How to remove ink stains

, How to remove ink stains

We all have got little ink or ballpoint pen on our clothes. There are several ways to remove these stains, and the materials used for removing the ink are naturally depending on the material of the clothes.

Wooden surfaces

If the ink fell on the wooden furniture or the floor, there are a few options. But first, make sure not to wait long to remove the stain, because in that case the ink could be permanently painted inside the pores of the wood. Remove the stains with cotton ball soaked in vinegar. If the ink falls onto the lacquered furniture, stains can be cleaned by rubbing the inked area with ripe tomatoes.


Try to remove ink stains on your cloth with a wet paper pressed on the stain. The trick is to act immediately. The paper will soak the ink. After that, use another piece of paper dipped in soapy water and places it on the stain. If this trick does not seem to be functional, soak a cotton ball in alcohol and tap over the stain. For synthetic clothes try using hairspray; simply spray the hairspray on the stain and later brush that spray off.  This trick can also be used for sharpie stains.

The process of removing ink can be slightly difficult when the ink falls on a white cloth. In that case, boil the milk and then coat the stain. Repeat the procedure several times, and then rinse the cloth. After that, wash the material in the customary manner.

In contrast to the white fabrics, you can remove ink stains in dyed fabrics using cold milk. If the fabric is delicate, warm milk, stir in the lemon juice and clean the stain with the mixture.


Often, the ink may spill on the pages of the book you are reading. In this case, reach for superoxide soaked in a cotton ball. Put the paper below contaminated sites in order to protect other sites from eventual destruction of color.

Leather fabrics

In the case you need to clean the leather objects from the stain, it is strongly recommended to clean it with lemon. Cut the lemon in half and rub it into the stain.

It is important to note that all the stains need to be cleaned from the edges toward the center as the colors could to be spread over the material. Preventively place some protection under the stain.


, How to remove ink stains
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, How to remove ink stains
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