How to serve wine

, How to serve wine

Different types of wine require different ways of serving. Cooling the wine reduces the amount of sugar and thus enhances the feeling of acidity which the wine gets its freshness. This acidity gives a sharp and refreshing taste of wine back. When serving wine, it is important to emphasize the element of glasses that is different from variety to variety of wines. It should be avoided painted, decorated, blurred or engraved glasses in order to better loomed color of wine, but also to be able to see traces of alcohol remaining on the walls of glass. A bottle of wine should be stored in rooms with fixed temperature, away from any heat source, paint, varnish or any other source of strong odors that can ruin the wine. The darker area is appropriate, because it improves light oxidation, which also destroys the wine.


Red wines are served at temperatures between 16 and 18 degrees. Although, if the wine has a fruity bouquet (flavor, aroma of wine) it may be served at lower temperatures of 13 and 15 degrees. The corresponding temperature service highlights the real quality of wine, its color, smell and taste. The glass in the shape of a tulip, with outstretched walls on top of the best serving of red wine.


White wines are served at temperatures between 11 and 14 degrees. What is more acidic wine need to be served warm, which is a sweeter wine, need to be served colder. Wine should not be cool too because it loses its capacity. Sweet wines are becoming more acidic. Glass on a long stand where the walls slightly closed at the top is ideal for serving white wine.

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